Say Yes


Adoption is a Beautiful Thing

It has been a year filled with doctor appointments, therapy sessions, long days and late nights.  Our China doll is blossoming and has completed our family in a beautiful way! It’s not all been easy, but it has been so worth it.  A year ago she knew not a word of English, but now can sing for hours belting out the choruses of everything from Ol’ Suzanna to Jesus Loves me. 

 Like any three year old, her favorite word is ‘N-O.’  (We are trying desperately to turn that around! Suggestions, anyone?) In a world already filled with so many ‘NOs’, our journey to her began with saying  ‘YES’ to God’s will for our lives.  One year ago, our ‘YES’ was rewarded with the moment she was placed in our arms. Click the photo above for a glimpse into that special moment.

Dear friend, what is the ‘thing’ God is whispering in your ear? Just say ‘YES!’




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