Day 4 – Zhengzhou and Walmart


From Beijing to Zhengzhou (Pronounced JenJoe)

……to Walmart (where all roads end).


 The next step of our journey was a flight to the capital of little Li’s province where we will see her little face and hold her for the first time.  We got an updated guide which had more detail regarding her specific preferences. When we read the part that she has ‘a strong personality’ hubby just rolled his eyes.   I think perhaps he was hoping for shy this time.  Too late now! He is totally outnumbered.

To put things in perspective, Beijing proper was over 11,000,000 (19 million with suburbs.)  NYC is over 8,000,000.  Zhengzhou is a smaller city with 4,200,000.  All the ‘towns’ here are comparatively huge compared to the USA.  Everything is crowded and congested.  Thankfully our agency CCAI is taking great care of us.

After settling into one of the nicest hotels we have ever been in (surround sound in the bathroom,) we headed as a group to Walmart with our shopping bags and children in tow to buy supplies for the next step which is Gotcha Day!  It was quite an experience!  I find it a little irritating that Walmart in China doesn’t accept credit cards from their own motherland.  Oh well!

Facials at Walmart

Next update will show our newly completed family!




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