The Circle of Community


The Farmer in the Dell by Hoopla Kidz


Did you ever play the Famer in the Dell as a kid?  Remember ‘Hey Ho the Dairy O, the famer takes a wife?’  

It was one of my favorite games as a kid.  I would sing my heart out and eagerly walk the circle hoping that my hand would be taken next.  It didn’t matter if I was the farmer or the cheese, I wanted to be part of the game!  I have always craved being part of something bigger than myself.  I love being associated with a group that has a common vision and values.  In school it was sports and later in college it was the Cooperative House that I lived in at Purdue University. Even now, all these years later (lets just say double digits,) I get together with some of my girlfriends from the house twice a year.  Its easy to step back in to a place and reconnect with those that have common memories and interests.  I love it!

One of the things that has been an unexpected bonus in our journey to adoption has been the strong and passionate adoption community. We continue to be introduced and welcomed into the circle of those who have traveled the path before us. It is amazing to me the people that God is placing within arm’s reach every step of the way.   From bloggers  that we have never met to family members we haven’t seen nearly enough, we have found resources to answer questions and clear the way for our next step toward completing our family. I  can already tell the adoption community is a group with strong ties and a commitment to something greater.  I am looking forward to moving inward for their support as we get closer to welcoming Little W into our arms.

The process has made me reflect on the influence of community in my life.  The power of a community to change lives isn’t a new concept.  Its over 2000 years old.  Its called the Church.  Say ‘church’ today and most people think of a building with a particular denomination on its sign.  In reality the church building is the home base for a particular body of believers.  Whenever I have moved or changed jobs, I yearned for a ‘family’ where I was accepted and embraced just as I am. For me place where I have always felt most embraced and free to be me is the church.

I have often heard people say ‘I don’t need to go to church to be spiritual or a good person.’  Nope you don’t.  
But this attitude misses the beauty and strength and intended purpose in its community.    Is the church full of hypocrites? No, but there may be a few. Rest assured that the church is made up of 100% sinners.  Like a biological family, it can get messy in any community when human beings are involved.

The church is a hospital for sinners, not a hotel for saints. 
Membership is not dependant on performance.  Isn’t that awesome?!

For each of us, community and human connection can fill a void that no amount of facebook or tv can replace.  Maybe you too are adopting, or you are caring for an elderly parent, or are single and lonely. Each of our needs is different, but the common denominator is that each of us can gain strength in connection.  YOU have to take the first step.  Reach out.  Don’t wait for it to come to you!




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